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How to watch Live Cricket on Jadoo TV?

Watch Live Cricket on Jadoo TV

How to stream Live Cricket on Jadoo TV?

For many people, one of the major reasons to buy Jadoo TV (Jadoo 4 or older) is to watch Live Cricket. Great news is that it is extremely easy to watch Cricket on Jadoo.
All versions of Jadoo have streamed cricket. Due to high volume sometimes it was difficult to watch cricket in the past. But now they have increased the number of channels, and different TV channels are available that are streaming the same matches - this makes it easier and smoother streaming experience for viewers.

Steps to watch Live Cricket on Jadoo TV:
  • select "JadooTV" from home screen
  • then you need to click "Live TV" 
  • then choose the category of "Sports"
  • inside this category you will find at least 6 channels. Two channels are primarily for Soccer/Football fans - other four channels are mainly for cricket. These channels are labelled "Sports 1", "Sports 2", "Sports 3", and "Sports 4". These channels broadcast different channels depending upon the games. At times they broadcast other sports as well besides cricket.
Note: Old way of watching Cricket Jadoo TV through "My Jadoo" is not valid any more. The working channels are provided in "Live TV" now. If you have any other questions or issues, feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you!

How does "Catch Up TV" work on Jadoo 4?

How to use "Catch Up TV" on Jadoo TV?

How to save TV Shows on Jadoo 4?

Jadoo 4 is an advanced box in comparison to the previous ones. It is much faster and easier to use, and it has features that are not available with previous models. One such feature many are aware of, is watching Jadoo TV on your mobile devices. However, a new and very neat feature is: "Catch Up TV".

Through Catch Up TV, you can watch TV programs for more than 30 channels that have already been aired. It allows you to watch up to previous 7 days of TV shows. Here is a brief explanation from official site regarding how it works.

Using Catch Up TV - Option 1:
  1. Select “Jadoo Live“ from launcher screen (Figure 1).
  2. Pick Language from menu on left. To access Catch Up TV, choose any channel with a Catch Up TV tab on top left of channel logo tile, and press OK on your remote (Figure 2a).

    Using Catch Up TV - Option 2:
      Select “Catch Up” from left menu. You will find over 30 channels to choose from(Figure 2b).
    1. Initially when you select your channel, you will default to Live TV. Select the Blue button  on your remote to access the Catch Up TV for that channel.
    2. Select any time slot available from the list and press OK button from the remote. Now you can watch your favorite content (Figure 4).

    Saturday, 30 May 2015

    Jadoo TV on Android

    Jadoo TV on Android Phones & Tablets

    Watching Pakistani & Indian Channels on your Phones

    Many users are wondering is it worth buying JadooTV Subscription for Android - for example mobile phones and tablets.

    The quality of JadooTV on Android devices is generally good. Channels work as good as they work on the Jadoo TV box. Without a doubt, it is fun being able to watch live cricket, right on your phone.

    It is a very useful service. Many users are always traveling and they are not home and they can't afford to miss their favorite TV shows, or live cricket matches. This service is ideal for them.

    Those users that stay at home mostly and watch most programs on TV, this subscription isn't that useful. Most TV shows that JadooTV has to offer, are made available on YouTube within a few hours of the telecast - in particular Pakistani TV shows. If you need to watch something on your mobile - then it is probably better to just watch it through YouTube.

    Therefore, this service seems attractive. But it isn't as useful as it sounds. If you are still interested and curious, try it out for some time!

    Saturday, 12 July 2014

    Buying Used Jadoo TV

    Can I buy Used Jadoo TV Boxes?

    Jadoo TV Boxes are a popular device. So far there have been three different models Jadoo TV. Currently, Jadoo 3 is the most popular box serving in most homes.

    Since this device has become very popular, and many people own multiple devices - you can always find a "used Jadoo TV" which you can purchase. People often wonder if it's safe to buy such devices.

    Tips for buying Old Jadoo TV Set

    When buying used Jadoo TV box, just make sure of the following things:

    1. Turns on when you connect to power outlet
    2. Check if the channels are working fine (all channels may not work but check Hum TV from Pakistani Channels)
    3. Make sure you are buying the right Jadoo TV Box. As mentioned already there are 3 Jadoo TV models. Each one looks different. Check pictures online to distinguish between Jadoo 1 & 2 and Jadoo 3. Jadoo 1 & 2 works fine, but their price should be significantly lower than the latest model.
    These are some tips when buying used Jadoo TV Box. Hopefully they will be of help.

    Friday, 11 July 2014

    Jadoo 1 & 2 - do they work?

    Does JadooTV 2 still work?

    This is a common question. Many people wonder if older Jadoo TV Boxes are still working or not. Many people who presently have Jadoo 3, they bought it because their earlier Jadoo Boxes weren't working or playing TV channels. They were left with no choice except to buy a new one.

    However, the fact is older Jadoo Boxes still work. It is possible that you may not be able to play some of your desired channels on older Jadoo TV. Because support for some entertainment channels has been dropped.

    For this reason, if you wish to buy a used Jadoo TV, don't buy an older version. You may buy Jadoo 3 even if it is a used box, because you are guaranteed to have all channels working.

    Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Jadoo TV Channels

    Jadoo TV Channel List

    Jadoo TV Channels- List of Pakistani & Indian Channels on Jadoo

    It is one of the most important topic that what are some of the channels on Jadoo TV. Jadoo 3 is in the market. Therefore, this page is being written in accordance to that. 

    I have made a list of those channels that you can watch on Jadoo TV - you can read that here: What channels can I watch on JadooTV?

    However, here I will briefly mention that on Jadoo TV you can watch channels from different countries including Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka (Tamil), Bangladesh, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and many more. Many languages are included, such as, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi and others.

    To see more detailed Jadoo TV channel list, click below:
    If you wish to ask about a particular channel, please leave a comment and ask. I hope the information has helped you.

    Zeenat TV vs Jadoo TV

    Zeenat TV vs Jadoo TV

    Zeenat TV is an Android based tv-box that recently came out in the market. Here I will briefly mention which one you should purchase.

    These TV boxes for Desi channels (Pakistani & Indian) are quite expensive. Prices for Zeenat TV and Jadoo TV range from $200-$300 in North America. They are similar in other parts of the world too. Therefore, it's not an easy decision to make. You wish to spend the money in the right place.

    It must be remembered that quality and service of any of these Desi channel IPTV boxes is not comparable to cable or satellite. However, they provide good cheap alternative to cable and satellite. Therefore, if you have bought Jadoo TV or Zeenat TV, please don't compare it to Premium services.

    Zeenat TV is Android based. Therefore, it provides you with Desi Channels but you can install android apps on this device. You can install other apps just the way you install them on your phone.You can check your email on this quite easily, play android games, listen to music etc.

    However, because it provides so many apps, it is possible that it might slow down when over-used (just like our phones). Any thing designed to multitask, slows down if not provided enough RAM. (Zeenat TV claims to have 1GB RAM). Zeenat provides a nice QWERTY keyboard too.

    Zeenat TV is new market therefore it is bound to have glitches and faults. Any new device that comes out in market has errors and bugs. When people use it for some time, and complain regarding the bugs, good companies usually fix those errors. So if you haven't bought Zeenat TV yet, I would recommend that you wait a while until Zeenat TV comes out with their next edition. Until then, stick to Jadoo TV.

    Jadoo TV is older and is now on their 3rd edition. Jadoo is not perfect either, but because of experience and time we can say it is a trustworthy device.

    In my opinion, Zeenat TV could prove to be better - but at this time Jadoo TV is safer to buy. After a year, if Zeenat TV is still doing well, one could consider to switch.